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Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime

Following the EU’s requirement to satisfy anti-money laundering and financial crime tests, we were asked to undertake a comprehensive review of policies and procedures on anti-money laundering, sanctions and financial crime compliance for a leading commercial bank in the Asia Pacific region.


The assignment took place over several weeks and included a detailed review of existing policies, followed by the formulation of several key recommendations. These recommendations were presented to senior bank management along with thorough guidance on implementation.

Capital & Liquidity Planning and Requirements

In the shadow of a highly stressed banking environment, a central bank-imposed credit moratorium, combined financial challenges faced by obligors and other stakeholders and additional regulatory pressures, we were asked to undertake a thorough review of capital and liquidity planning and requirements for an Islamic commercial bank in Southeast Asia.


The review took place over several weeks and included the deployment of comprehensive stress tests. Key recommendations were drafted and presented to bank management, along with further recommendations for the development and implementation of key financial plans, including ICAAP and ILAAP.

Design and Issuance of a Framework for Trading of Sukuk

We worked with an Asian financial regulator to design and issue a framework of rules relating to the issuance and trading of Sukuk. This assignment included the assessment of market requirements and working with a wide range of market participants, including market makers, traders, investors, regulators and ministries, to successfully introduce the new regulations.

Internal Ratings Application to Regulators

On behalf of a multinational bank, we managed the successful application for the extension of the internal ratings-based approach to its home regulator and a foreign regulator.

Islamic finance infrastructure

We have been responsible for the design, development and implementation of the Islamic financial infrastructure for a non-bank financial institution, including policies and procedures across the institution, hiring of the Shariah board members, staff and customer training, marketing materials, as well as legal and client-facing product documentation. Products were designed to ensure they were fit for purpose to meet client requirements. An additional set of products was designed specifically to meet the requiremeents of female entrepreneurs.


We have advised on the introduction of new and amended regulations for Sukuk, short-selling and margin trading for a variety of regulatory institutions. In addition, we have consulted on the implementation and interpretation of the various Basel Accords and other international regulations on credit, market and operational risk for a range of commercial financial institutions.

Women economic empowerment - strategy

Using the 2XChallenge criteria as the starting point, we have devised the strategy for enhancing the economic participation of women. The strategy focused on stimulating female entrepreneurship by providing access to finance as well as improving women’s positions by focusing on investments in products that are specifically aimed at women.